I love pie, and food in general. I love books. I love thinking. And sometimes in my random and tangential brain, all of them intersect. This blog is my attempt to share my pie knowledge, but all that other stuff might sneak in on occasion.

Occasionally my posts will also refer to the people I love most in this world: Earl (ie, the Earl of Pie-ish Town), my kind and forbearing fiancé who lives in the UK, or at least will until his spousal visa to the US clears; Clarice, my elder daughter, who like her namesake is reliable, bright, resourceful, and respectful; and Dr. Lecter, my younger daughter, who like her namesake is a diabolical genius who can probably drive a man mad enough to swallow his own tongue.

I’ll be sharing recipes, techniques, and tips and hints I’ve learned along the way as well as my thoughts on the world. In particular, my world, and since pie features so heavily in my world, don’t be surprised if I find some kind of awful pie metaphor to serve as my framework. I also reblog posts that I find poignant and important. My goal here is not only to provide a sort of pie manual, but also to invite discussion and conversation. All are welcome, even if you don’t like pie. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even convert you.

For more about why and how I started my pie obsession, start at the beginning 🙂

7 thoughts on “About

    • It was a rather selfish move on my part, to be honest. Your taste in books is like mine (and Earl’s), so I intend to use your list as a reading list 🙂 Thank you for putting it out there!


      • Great! It’s good to have a new reader, and I’m glad you like similar books. I publish read a book every week and write a new review every Friday morning.
        You’re welcome!


  1. I love your blog! Why have I not heard of it before?! You commented somewhere that you choose the blog name because you couldn’t think of anything else. Why no EAT MY Pi…after all, it’s about circles and triangles…yah?

    Well, I have lots of catch-up reading to do!


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    • You know that scene in Lion King, where Shenzi’s like, “Say it again!” And Banzai goes, “Mufasa!” and she shudders? I think that’s what Silence of the Lambs is like for me. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I watch it anyway.


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