The Foolproof Pie Dough: A Primer (Part II)

Need help rolling out your pie dough? Here you go!

O Pie-oneers!

I’m not sure where the saying “easy as pie” comes from, because anybody who’s rolled out a pie crust before knows it is the very antithesis of anything remotely resembling “easy”. I realize that (only very slightly) hyperbolizing the difficulty in rolling the dough out does little to inspire confidence. But that’s the reason for the primer! To teach you all the things I’ve learned along the way. I love pie, and I love people who love pie, and I assume that if you’re here, you either love me or love pie, so either by reflexive property or transitive property of pie, I love you. And so I share.

We need to discuss pie pans and plates. Often, recipes seem to assume a 9-inch pie plate, but there are many different diameters and depths, and therefore many different volumes. Standard plate sizes are as follows:

  • 8 or 9-inch (I…

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