The Foolproof Pie Dough: A Primer (Part I)

Need an easy pie dough recipe? Use this one! The added bonus is that you can do shots while you wait for it to chill.

O Pie-oneers!

As I mentioned in my first post, Cooks Illustrated  opened my eyes to the ease of making your own pie pastry. Cooks Illustrated is a wonderful bimonthly periodical that doesn’t just provide recipes; it delves into the science and chemistry behind the food and teaches you HOW to cook in addition to WHAT to cook. It explains the Maillard reaction resulting in fond, and osmosis in brining meat, and the breakdown of cell walls when salting zucchini. I read an article and I suddenly have my own tiny ghostly Chef Gusteau floating over my shoulder, saying, “Anyone can cook!” In addition to the science and imaginary culinary cheerleaders, the magazine provides equipment ratings and user-submitted life hacks (#1 life hack: running your blowdryer on one of those price sticker labels on jars or dishes for 10-15 seconds will soften up the glue and let you remove the…

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