10 Things I Love About My Country #3: Architecture

Suzie’s freaking awesome Top 10 list of her favorite architectural things in England.

It doubles as a MUST GO SEE list for me, and includes neat looking buildings I’d never heard of (which says absolutely nothing because I am a dirty American).

Suzie Speaks

I’ve teamed up with Steve and Jenny (I’m English, Steve is a Scotsman and Jenny is an American) to compile a series of lists of the things we love about our countries. This week is architecture.


As an English woman I am blessed that my country has a long history, with buildings and monuments that demonstrate the many periods of our interesting and exciting past. While I am only allowed to choose ten (although I’ve cheated and chosen twelve), there are thousands of examples of outstanding architecture throughout the country that draw in millions of tourists every year from all over the world. I have tried to choose examples of architecture from all over the country rather than just focusing on London…

1. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London


Despite visiting London many times over the last few years, I only actually went to this a few months ago. Designed by Christopher…

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