Enemy Pie

The last few entries have been quite lengthy, and Earl is flying into town tomorrow, and I intend to spend a lot of time making out with him and not a lot of time writing blog posts. So here you go: a conversation with my younger daughter, Dr. Annabelle Lecter. She’s very…ah…creative. If you haven’t already checked it out, she has her own blog.

Dr. Lecter: Mommy, you should make an Enemy Pie.
Me: …I’m sorry, did you just say ‘Enemy Pie’?
Dr. Lecter: Yeah, Enemy Pie.
Me: What’s an enemy pie? Is it a pie you make for your enemies, or a pie made out of your enemies?
Dr. Lecter: It’s a pie that you make, and you feed it to your enemies.
Me: I see. Ok, how do you make Enemy Pie?
Dr. Lecter: Well. You make the bottom part. Then you fill it with dirt and worms. Then you put the top part on the Enemy Pie.
Me: Hmm, ok. Do you bake it? Because if you bake it, you might kill all the worms. Should the worms be alive?
Dr. Lecter: Yeah, bake it, but don’t kill the worms.
Me: What?
Dr. Lecter: Don’t. Kill. The worms.
Me: Ok, I won’t. Then what do I do?
Dr. Lecter: Give it to your enemies. And then their hair will all fall out.

In case you need it for your recipe cards, I’ve taken the liberty of putting it into a card-friendly format. You’re welcome.

Enemy Pie, by Dr. Lecter (age 7)
– One pie bottom crust
– Dirt
– Worms
– One pie top crust

1. Make the bottom crust.
2. Blend dirt and worms together. Pour into bottom crust. Add top crust.
3. Bake, but not warm enough to kill the worms.
4. Feed to enemies. Watch their hair fall out.


3 thoughts on “Enemy Pie

  1. Why are children the best? Lol. This entire post was just perfect. When she is older, you guys can revisit these conversations and laugh.

    Dr. Lecter: Yeah, bake it, but don’t kill the worms.

    That part really got me. Lol. I would never want to get on her bad side at school. She would probably bring a coconut pie filled with maggots. Lol. Dr. Annabelle Lecter is truly awesome.


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