Ashley articulates this much better than I would.

Jane Eyre Likes Cupcakes

Women on Twitter finally seem to have snapped. It happened about 24 hours ago, after a spoiled, deranged, entitled college student in Santa Barbara decided to go on a shooting spree because he couldn’t find a woman willing to have sex with him. He killed six people.

In the wake of the shootings, I expected there to be yet another battle between gun fanatics and those who favor gun control. I did not except to find a Facebook page titled “Help Elliot Rodger’s ghost get laid.” Nor did I expect to see tweets claiming, “I blame girls, not guns” and others blaming women for the fact that a rich, privileged man went on a shooting rampage in which he specifically targeted women.

If this sounds like an overly simplistic version of what happened, these are some of his direct quotes from videos and manifestos he produced in the days and weeks…

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